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The Mindless Designs Comics Universe is huge.

No, really...

Its huge!!!

As big as it is, It all seems to have one theme at heart:


Outer space is such a amazing phenomena to cover because we don't really know whats truly out there. There are millions of galaxies and stars just like the one our planet Earth is located in. My comics explore the many extreme possibilities that we are not the only intelligent sentient species out there. In fact I truly believe that there are alien species increasingly smarter than us out there somewhere.

Additionally, since outer space seems like an infinite phenomena , Intergalactic space travel is by far the most important part of the entire Mindless Designs Universe. Its one of the many things that tie everything together. There are also multiple events that occur in each comic series that connect in many ways.

Its up to you to find out just how connected each series is.

Space is extremely amazing!!

Let your imaginations run wild!



About Isaiah Massey:

(Founder, Author, Artist)



As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a cartoonist. I've been creating comics ever since the age of 7 and making my own comic ideas since the age of 12. All throughout grade school I would doodle on my school notes and create these fascinating characters of all different types.Middle school is where I discovered Anime. I remember just like it was yesterday, sketching images of Sailor Moon with Kirby-like eyes because I wasn't bold enough to take on the challenge of drawing real Anime eyes. I began making my own comics and let kids my age read them, I knew my ideas were interesting when everyone would ask me for more when they finished reading. And this is what pushed me, I've been drawing and creating stories on my own for 17 years and I doubt I'll stop now!!!




About Aries Viera

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, I've been what's classified as a “black nerd” all my life. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and drawing is what got me interested in comics and cartoons. When I saw Dragon Ball Z for the first time I knew I had found my calling in life. Except it wasn't a single calling. I'm an animator, illustrator, and graphics designer. My first comic is Chaos. This is something I've been planning since elementary school or before. Kagemaru, the main character, is an original character of mine that holds a lot of myself within him. I hope you enjoy Chaos and everything else you find here.