Hey guys!! Zayarts here 🙂

I know its been quite some time since I’ve updated but I am here to let you all know that JOG is back!

Things are going to start heating up very soon. All leading up to the conclusion of this story. 🙂 There are roughly 2 more chapters to go before the epic finale! Are you ready for it?


Mike the Scavenger is a cold-blooded individual right? Well he has a reason to. Someone killed his family. And he wants to know why. I pray for the person in charge of the Spade Brigade. They’ll surely get theirs…….or will they?


In other news, I am looking to start-up a mailing list to keep everyone informed with my current projects and news. I think I will also use this as a way to inform when a new page has been updated or if something major happens within the comic.


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Next week marks the start of a new chapter: Chapter 8! Lets get it!